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FOSHAN beplay官方app下载-beplay体育苹果助手-beplayios is specialized in researching , developing, manufacturing and selling various air filters, the predecessor of the company is FOSHAN CHOUTAI hardware CO.,LTD who has been specialized in manufacturing filters since 2011. We are especially experience in researching, developing and manufacturing high performance CADR filters for air purifiers, HEPA filters, HEPA filters with high efficiency and low resistance, removing formaldehyde filters, Nanometer mine filters, Photocatalyst filters, medical antibiosis filters, Nanometer silver filters, metal primary filters, activated carbon filters, cold catalyst filters, corrugating paper filters, PP washable filters, air conditioner filters, stainless steel filters, baffle filters, honeycomb filters and cooker hoods filters. Distinctive production technology guarantees products’ absolute advantage in the market, we now own 4o series and 300 models of products, mainly provide complete filters to air purified, cooker hoods and air conditioner producers.

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